Kids' Corner

Specialized Eye Exams for Children

No Such Thing as Too Early

The College of Optometrists of Ontario recommends children's eye exams starting at 6 months of age. Consulting an optometrist early on with your infant is vital for predicting vision problems and other health concerns. Vision challenges often go undetected in children because they find ways to compensate for them, unaware that they could be seeing the world far better.

Don't let your child silently & unknowingly compensate for a visual impairment!

Slow the Progression
of Myopia

Myopia progresses very quickly and drastically in children and young teenagers.

Fortunately, the progression of myopia can be slowed down with special glasses, contacts, and drops.

Depth Perception Testing

It is important to have kids' depth perception assessed regularly, as there are many conditions that can disrupt the development of 3D vision (stereopsis). If the condition is detected early enough, it is usually possible to restore a child's stereopsis.

Signs That Your Child May Need Vision Correction

  • They struggle with schoolwork or concentration
  • They rub their eyes excessively
  • They squint, often cover one eye, or tilt their head
  • They frequently complain of headaches
  • They sit too close to the TV or hold devices & books too close to their eyes

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Kids' Eye Exams
Covered by OHIP

Did you know that annual eye exams for children between 6 months and 19 years are covered by OHIP?

Eye See… Eye Learn Program

We are proud to be a participating optometrist in the Ontario Association of Optometrists' Eye See… Eye Learn program, providing free glasses to kindergarten students. If your child is in a junior or senior kindergarten program, they are eligible to get a free pair of glasses! Simply book an eye exam for your child (which is covered by OHIP) and, if required, Eye See… Eye Learn® will provide one pair of glasses per child. The available frames are fashionable and fit with high-quality, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses (estimated value of over $300).

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